Anglais (Américain)


Lawton Partners Law, Liberty Ford, SDG Energy, Casa De Campo Resorts, Ron Abuelo, Hendlex Textiles, Heros of Taslinia (game), Browning Firearms,


Profonde, Naturelle, Commerciale, Polyvalente, Mature


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À propos de Rudy

YOUR voice to communicate your ideas, products and services to the world. I am a full time voice actor. I have a deep, rich, voice. I can voice act in English or Spanish. I have been a teacher, public speaker, seminar director, and voice over artist for 30 years. I speak with confidence. Conveying your message in a convincing and natural voice. I have voiced commercials, audio dramas, video game characters, answering services, and presentations. All recorded in a professional grade studio with professional equipment. Lets get started!