Mercedes-Benz , Toyota, MG


Commerciale, Naturelle, Cool, Polyvalente, Chaude


Dans les 12 hr

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Mercedes- Benz
MG Saudi

À propos de Omar

Omar is a professional young male voice-over artist. He records in Arabic with several accents including Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian, and Saudi accent. He has a vast background in the voice-over industry as he has worked with several clients in different genres including TV commercials, Narration, E-learning, Documentaries & more.
Having Omar's voice is like a bridge between old and modern generations. His youthful voice that matches with Youth's vision and his deep voice that can go up with older generations. You get what you want as Omar is very keen to put versatile deliveries in his demos, even he wrote them to provide the clients a short perspective about what they can get. Omar is a really professional voice over and he will bring your words to life.