Espagnol (Amérique Latine)

Références, PBS, Mattress Firm


Commerciale, Naturelle, Polyvalente, Amicale, Chaude


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Lincoln Land Institute Climate Resiliency

À propos de Rosi

Since 2010, Rosi has been lending her captivating voice to global clients in her professional studio. With an impressive client list including Unilever, Discovery Science, L'Oréal, Verizon, NASA, The Guggenheim Museum, The American Cancer Society, and McDonald's, Rosi has become a sought-after voiceover actor. Being a native Spanish/English speaker with no accent in either language, Rosi's upbringing in both Puerto Rico and North America has made her bi-cultural and equally comfortable in both worlds. She possesses a neutral Latin American Spanish, but can also infuse her voice with her native Puerto Rican or Argentine accents, adding versatility to her performances.