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À propos de Lonneke

Lonneke graduated from the conservatory in 2010 as a music teacher. In that same year she also started recording audio books. It soon became clear that a career as a voice-over suited her much better than as a teacher. And so she quit her job in 2015 to work fulltime as a voice-over.
Her voice sounds young, fresh and enthusiastic, but reliable. A bit like the girl next door, so to speak! And that's handy, because she can throw the most boring costs into the world in a fun and understandable way.

IVR, e-learning, commercials, explanation animations, audio books, tutorials, jingles (both speaking and singing)... She does everyting!
You can hear her voice in: Nike's training apps, customer videos from KPN, videos from the Dutch Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and maybe you even had her on the phone when you called Renewi, Jiba or Eigen Haard....

Because she does this work fulltime, she is very flexible, fast and easily accessible. Often you can receive the recordings the same day!