A while ago, VoiceProductions approached the former Marlon (now part of iO Digital) to support their digital transformation and to strengthen their competitive advantage in the market. This was the start of a beautiful partnership. Marlon developed their new web platform with a focus on usability and transparency, and in doing so, VoiceProductions became the easiest voice over platform. In addition to the renewed website, advertising and SEO were also entrusted to Marlon.

"The project was delivered in less than 4 hours. This was a real plus, and I also found the website super easy and clear to use." Zoë M.

  • Need for voiceovers within iO 

IO also often turns to the services of VoiceProductions. iO Campus Antwerp, for instance, needed a voice-over for the animation video they had developed for their customer Light Gallery. In April, Light Gallery was running a promotion offering a discount on the purchase of a new lamp if you returned an old one. But to make the story of the animated promotional video make sense, someone had to narrate the text.

  • Pleasant experience 

When searching for the ideal voice, project manager Zoë M. had already compared many competing websites. But in the end VoiceProductions really stood out for her because of their wide range, fast delivery time and multiple options. You can choose from a male or female voice in almost 30 different languages. You can even specify the count of words of your script, select the medium and see what the total costs are. 

"The project was delivered in less than 4 hours. Other competitors' delivery times were much longer. This was a real plus, and I also found the website super easy and clear to use. In addition, I received a handy overview, I was able to download the recording and I even have been given the chance to give feedback in a chat with the producers. The process was very easy. Really a pleasant experience." - Zoë M.


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