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How does VoiceProductions work?

VoiceProductions offers professional voice actors who record your project within 24 hours at the most competitive rates.

Each voice-over voice has its own rates, you never pay too much!

On our voice-over platform you can easily book a voice. As soon as an order is placed, you’re in direct contact with the voice-over. Through the chat function you can easily give instructions.

Not completely satisfied? Ask for a free retake in the chatbox.

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I can't choose between all those voices. What now?

We are happy to help you with this! 

Describe your project and the type of voice you are looking for. We'll provide you with some demos of the most suitable voices for your project. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for a free trial recording so you can easily choose the most suitable voice.

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Can I have a test recording?

Of course! Contact us at, we immediately ask the voice(s) to record a test recording within 24 hours. Don't forget to add a piece of the script and any instructions such as the desired tone of voice.

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What is the delivery time?

We deliver very fast, most voice-overs are in your possession within 24 hours! You can see the delivery time in the profile of the voice actor. If needed, you can always enter the deadline during the ordering process.

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I need my recordings the same day, is this possible?

Some voices deliver within 4 or 12 hours! If you place your order before noon or 2 p.m., the order will be in your possession the same day!

Does the desired voice only deliver within 24 or 48 hours? No problem, mail or call us and we'll see what's possible.

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How are the recordings delivered?

Recordings are always delivered rough in 48khz 24bit.
You can always ask via the chatbox to deliver the recordings in mp3 or another format.

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The script has been changed, what should I do now?

If the voice actor hasn't started recording yet, it's best to let him know via the chat function, in this case the voice-over will take this into account.
Has the recording been done yet? Often a voice-over is very flexible and will give you a retake.
Note: The voice-over voice may charge a small fee.

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What if I'm not completely satisfied with the recording?

Feel free to ask for a (free) retake via the chat function, the voice-over will provide you with a new recording as soon as possible. 

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My script has yet to be translated, do you do this too?

Of course! We work together with an ISO certified translation agency. We can have your script translated at the most competitive rates.

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