Your All-Inclusive Voice Over Services Hub. At VoiceProductions, our commitment transcends beyond the ordinary. We don’t just provide voice overs; we ensure your vision is captured in sound, perfectly matching your audience's needs and the project's demands. From a dynamic radio advert to an insightful audio guide for a museum, our professional voice actors breathe life into every narrative. Our most popular voice over services:

Professional Voice Casting

Finding the right voice talent can be daunting, but not with us by your side. Our vast directory of voice actors, including native voice artists with regional accents, ensures you find the perfect voice artist for your projects.

Voice-Over Editing

At VoiceProductions, we provide exceptional voice-over editing and mastering services. Our skilled technicians and editors ensure flawless voice-overs, eliminating distractions like breath sounds and clicks. Enhance audio quality, synchronize voice with music, and craft compelling voice-overs affordably.

TV Editing & Mastering

Our post-production service ensures every voice recording meets the highest standards. From meticulous editing to TV mastering compliant with the EBU R128 standard, we guarantee studio-quality voice-overs every time.

Voices for Radio Advertising

Harness the power of radio with our comprehensive services. We craft compelling narratives with the best voice talent, ensuring your message reverberates far and wide.

E-Learning: Educate with Excellence

E-learning modules, crafted with precision and clarity. Our voice-over artists make online training courses engaging and effective, appealing to learners everywhere.

Telephony: First Impressions Matter

Your IVR messages represent the first touchpoint for many clients. With our professional voice-overs, make every call count, leaving a lasting impression.

Museum Audio Guides: Enlighten & Engage

Offer visitors an immersive experience with comprehensive audio guides. From translation to final editing, we manage the whole process, delivering in more than 50 languages.

VoiceProductions: Beyond Voice-overs

Since 2017, our voice has echoed in corporate films, e-learnings, commercials, and more. Our blend of expertise and innovation ensures that you receive world-class voice-over services at competitive prices.

Seamless Online Booking

The future is digital, and so are we. Book voice talents from professional homestudios. Receive recordings within 24 hours, saving you both time and money.

Always Here for You

Our unmatched response rate of 95% within 10 minutes speaks for itself. We redefine customer service, offering support even after regular business hours.

Direct & Dynamic

Place an order and immerse yourself in a dynamic process. Engage with the voice artist directly, provide feedback, and ensure the end result perfectly aligns with your vision.

A Tailored Experience

Using our platform’s filters, you can navigate through our vast talent pool to find the exact voice that complements your project. Be it male, female, playful, mature or any specific tone, we have it all cataloged for your convenience. Discover all about finding the right voice over here.

Discover, Decide, Deliver

Sample recordings give you a preview of what to expect. Set your criteria, listen to the samples, and embark on a journey to find the voice that fits your narrative like a glove. If in doubt, lean on us. Our team is ever-ready to assist, guide, and ensure your project gets the voice it truly deserves.

VoiceProductions is not just a voice-over agency; we are your partners in storytelling. Quality, speed, and personal touch are the pillars of our philosophy. Ready to embark on a symphonic journey with us? Let VoiceProductions amplify your brand’s narrative to unparalleled heights. Want to know more about our voice over services? Reach out to our support team, they are ready to help!

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