Audio guides are the most efficient way for museums to attract an international audience, and they also keep visitors interested for longer. Without having to invest in large text panels or large print runs of paper brochures, an audio guide allows a museum to make sure that both local and international visitors can follow an exhibition with even more interest. They ensure that every visitor of a temporary exhibition, city tour or permanent collection can follow the content, have a fantastic experience and do so without being distracted by an abundance of information.

At VoiceProductions you have a one-stop-shop for a complete audio guide in more than 35 languages. We take care of the translation, the delivery of the voice-over and the final editing. We can also provide royalty-free background music or even personalised bruitage and transport the visitor to a different time or even different planet. Our professional voice actors will give your visitors the time of their lives.

You can choose from our wide range of experienced voice talents or we can do a casting without any obligations to find that unique voice that perfectly fits your content.

VoiceProductions can deliver your audio guide in all languages quickly and efficiently, at a very attractive price. Thanks to our experience at museums all over Europe, we are sure to be able to lift your museum or expo to a higher level.

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