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A small selection where we can help you:

  • Removing annoying breaths and clicks

  • Application of compression

  • Placing the voice-over to music

  • Production of a commercial

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Elevate Your Project with Professional Voice-Over Editing and Mastering Services

In the dynamic world of audio content, achieving flawless voice-overs can elevate your message and leave a lasting impact. At VoiceProductions, we cater to your audio editing and mastering needs, ensuring that your voice-overs aren't just heard, but truly resonate with your audience.

When it comes to producing (radio) commercials or enhancing voice-over quality, you can count on our dedicated team of skilled technicians and editors. The results? Exceptional audio content that truly stands out!

Benefits of Our Voice-Over Editing Services

Eliminate Distractions and Background Noise

Even minor nuisances like breath sounds and clicks can detract from your content's main message. With our expert editing, you ensure that your voice-over remains clear, professional, and distraction-free. Good audio quality reflects better on your brand. Poor quality does not inspire trust.

Enhance Audio Quality: Our team applies the optimum level of mastering and compression to your audio recording, making it consistent and pleasant to listen to. This will transform your project's overall audio quality, creating a superior listening experience for your audience.

Harmonize Voice and Music

Whether it's a radio commercial or a promotional video, synchronizing voice-overs with music will bring your voice over project to life. Our service ensures a seamless blend of voice and music, creating an engaging audio experience that grabs attention.

Improve Accessibility

By adding subtitles to your video recordings, you not only cater to international audiences or those with hearing impairments but also enhance overall content comprehension. This small addition widens your audience reach and makes your content more inclusive.

Create Engaging Commercials

Craft compelling commercials and audio recordings that are customized to your brand messaging and target audience. Our professional editing service will transform your commercial into an engaging piece of content that resonates with listeners.

And the best part? Quality voice-over audio editing services are more affordable than you might think. Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation quote!

Choosing VoiceProductions for your voice-over editing needs means opting for a personalized service that meets your specific requirements swiftly and efficiently. Experience the difference that professional voice-over editing will make for your project.

Need help finding the right voice-over for your project?
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10 Tips for Voice Over Editing

Choose the Right Environment: Always choose a quiet environment for your voice-over recordings. Background noise can significantly impact audio quality and result in extra work during audio editing.

Use High-Quality Recording Equipment: Invest in a good quality microphone for professional voice overs. You can use an external mic connected to an audio interface. Remember, your equipment directly affects the sound quality of your voice overs. Don't use USB microphones for your audio recording. A USB mic won't be good enough for professional recordings.

Maintain Consistent Audio Levels: During the voice over recording session, keep an eye on the audio levels. A certain threshold should not be crossed to maintain clear audio and avoid distortion.

Eliminate Mic Bumps and Plosives: Use a pop filter to reduce plosive sounds (like 'p' and 'b' sounds) that can cause mic bumps and distort your recording.

Use Professional Recording Software: Tools like Adobe audition, Nuendo, Qubase, Logic, Reaper, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, and Logic Pro offer advanced features that enhance your voice overs. Choose the best software that fits your needs and skill level, not just an online audio recorder.

Manage Room Tone: Capture a few seconds of room tone (the natural sound of the room) before you start recording. This can be handy during editing, especially when you need to remove unwanted background noise.

Master Audio Editing: Basic knowledge of audio editing is crucial for refining your voice overs. Learn how to trim, adjust volume levels, and apply effects to your audio file using your audio software.

Save Multiple Takes: To save time during the editing process, record multiple takes of each section. This gives you more options during editing and ensures you have a backup in case of mistakes.

Review Your Voice Recordings: Always listen back to your audio recordings after the session. This will help you catch any errors or issues that might have gone unnoticed during the recording.

Consult with an Audio Engineer: If you're aiming for high-quality recordings, consider consulting with an audio engineer. Their expertise can guide you in achieving the best sound from your recording studio.

Need to record voice overs?

Let VoiceProductions take care of the entire recording. Our professional voice overs record audio in their home studio to ensure a high quality voice over recording. VoiceProductions also excels in the niche area of TV commercials, adhering to the EBU R128 standard, ensuring optimal loudness levels for a superior auditory experience. Furthermore, we specialize in Foley artistry and bruitage, the craft of creating sound effects. With our expertise, we can mimic environments for commercials or other videos, whether it's the rustling leaves of a forest, the ambient noise of a room, or the sounds of a bike ride. At VoiceProductions, we bring your audiovisual projects to life with immersive, high-quality soundscapes.

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