All TV commercials (with or without voice-over) broadcast in Europe must comply with the EBU R128 standard. This European standard ensures that commercials all have approximately the same loudness. Thanks to this standardised loudness, the voice-over in one commercial is not suddenly louder than in the next one.

If you would like to have your favourite voice actor lend their voice to your TV commercial and you prefer to have the editing done professionally, VoiceProductions is the company to go to. Our professional editors know exactly how to apply all commonly used standards for the editing of TV commercial voice-overs. Please note that this can only be done as a full package, so including the music, meaning that the final version of your TV commercial will be created by VoiceProductions.

We can also help you with purchasing the music you wish to include and edit it as the underscore with the footage. Please don’t hesitate to ask your project manager about the options.

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