In the world of TV commercials, there's a saying: "It's not just about what you see; it's about what you hear." As visuals captivate the eyes, sound engages the soul. However, ensuring consistency in audio loudness and clarity is paramount. The EBU R128 standard safeguards this very principle, stipulating that all commercials aired in Europe maintain uniform loudness. This ensures that one commercial's voice-over doesn't overshadow the next, offering a seamless viewer experience.

Why Choose VoiceProductions for Audio Mastering?

Comprehensive Service:

At VoiceProductions, we don't just deliver voice overs. We offer an all-encompassing service, including professional audio mastering. This means that your TV commercial's audio—be it voice, music, or both—meets the highest quality standards set by EBU R128.

Professional Mastering Engineer:

Our team comprises some of the best mastering engineers in the industry, equipped with cutting-edge digital technology and mastering plug-ins. They meticulously fine-tune each audio element, ensuring optimal sound quality, dynamic range, and consistency.

Music Acquisition and Integration:

Need the perfect track for your commercial? We got you. From sourcing the right music to integrating it seamlessly with your commercial footage and voice over, we've got it covered.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Whether it's adjusting the stereo width, ensuring the frequency balance, or enhancing the overall listening experience, our audio mastering process is tailored to bring your vision to life.

The Art of Mastering

Audio mastering isn't just about adjusting volume; it's an art form, a final polish to your commercial's audio. It involves enhancing the stereo enhancement, ensuring a consistent sound across different playback systems, and making sure the final master resonates with your intended audience.

Beyond mere audio production, mastering is the final mix, the culmination of all creative processes to ensure that your commercial stands out, not just visually, but sonically.

Full Package TV Commercial Services

Please note that our mastering service comes as part of a complete package. This includes the voice-over, music sourcing, and the final mastering process. We ensure that the final version of your TV commercial is a masterpiece, ready to be broadcasted.

If you have specific requirements, or you're keen to learn more about the intricacies of the mastering process, our dedicated project managers are here to guide you through every step. Let's collaborate to make your TV commercial sound as compelling as it looks.

Hire a voice over for your TV Commercial

A Symphony of Voices: Catering to 50+ Languages and Dialects.

Global Reach, Local Touch. In today's interconnected world, a singular message often needs to resonate across diverse geographies, cultures, and communities. Recognizing this imperative, our professional voice over agency offers voice-overs in over 50+ languages and dialects, ensuring that your content is not just heard, but also deeply felt and understood.

Diverse Voices for Diverse Audiences

Rich Tapestry of Talent:

Our expansive roster boasts voice actors from different corners of the globe. Each is a maestro in their native tongue, ensuring authenticity in every utterance and inflection. Can't find what you're looking for? Our team is just a message away and always ready to help!

Beyond Just Language:

A dialect is more than just a variant of a language; it's a reflection of regional nuances, histories, and cultures. By offering voice-overs in various dialects, we ensure that your message is tailored to the unique sensibilities of local audiences. Listen to samples, ask for demo's or let us do a voice casting to find your perfect voice talent.

Quality Uncompromised:

Regardless of the language or dialect, our commitment to quality remains steadfast. Each voice-over is a product of rigorous training, unparalleled skill, and a profound understanding of the linguistic nuances. Not completely satisfied with the result? Just ask for a (free) retake.

Seamless Integration

Our multilingual capabilities ensure that integrating voice-overs into your projects, be it commercials, documentaries, e-learning modules, or any other medium, is a seamless experience. With us, language is never a barrier; it's a bridge.

Future-Proof Your Content

The world is rapidly evolving, and audiences are more global than ever. By tapping into our vast linguistic offerings, you're not just reaching wider audiences; you're speaking directly to their hearts in a language they cherish.

Collaborate with Experts

Need guidance on which dialect might best suit a particular demographic? Or perhaps you're unsure about the right tone for a certain language? Our team of experts is always on hand to assist, ensuring that every voice-over hits the right note.

Let us be your voice over agency in this linguistic journey, where every word matters, every dialect is celebrated, and every voice is heard.

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