Find a voice-over

VoiceProductions offers voice-overs in almost all languages!
First select the desired language and, if necessary, the gender.
All voice-overs are rigorously selected, we offer only the highest quality voices with the very best recording equipment.
You can also use our casting service, which is free of charge of course.


Calculate the total price

Through the voice-over page you can immediately calculate the price of a voice-over or easily request a quote.

Find the right voice


Before placing an order, we ask for some extra information such as the desired tone of voice and you can provide the voice actor with a simular recording so it's immediately clear how the recordings should sound like.



As soon as the order is placed, the voice actor will start with your project as soon as possible.
You will be in direct contact with the voice-over via the chat function on the VoiceProductions Dashboard project page. 


Need a retake?

This is completely free of charge if the requested tone of voice was not maintained or in case of errors.
Attention: If the script is changed after the recording session, extra costs are often charged. 


That's it

As soon as the recordings are ready, you will receive an email and can approve them on the project page of the VoiceProductions Dashboard.