Aurora joins VoiceProductions in Spain

Picture Aurora

A few weeks ago Aurora joined our VoiceProductions team. Aurora will be the first point of contact for all Spanish-speaking customers and voice overs.

VoiceProductions is the one stop shop for voice overs, casting and sound design since 2017. We are the voice agency where quality, professionalism and customer focus are top priority.

We notice daily that the VoiceProductions platform works very efficiently and our approach is unseen within the industry. We also believe it is very important that our clients are served in their own language. Since we offer our services worldwide, we work with local project managers so that the contact between client and voice over is optimal.

Aurora is project manager for the Spanish market, voice over herself and therefore knows exactly what clients are looking for.

Picture Aurora

Why did you join VoiceProductions? 
I joined this platform because I feel it’s very honest and very clear to both customer and voice over. I am project manager for all Spanish projects, so I want to be accessible to both clients and voices.

What is your aim at VoiceProductions?
I would like to make the VoiceProductions name and brand known to the Spanish market, and reach out to as many potential clients as possible. I want to provide high quality voice overs to our clients, and want to be a reliable point of contact for the Spanish voice overs.

So Aurora, you’re a voice over yourself, you’re also available for bookings on our platform. When did you start as a voice over? 
I started as a freelancer in 2012, but my first contact with this world was in 2000. 

I worked for a radiostation back then and I really liked to communicate with the listeners and present a story.

What’s is the favorite voice over job you’ve worked on?
I really love to record characters and corporates with emotional feeling. One of my favorite projects was with Amazon for a national Amazon Prime campaign.

What is your favorite part about being a voice over?
To record different projects and play everyday. Each day is different in this life and line of work and my freedom is priceless. I can live where I want and do what I want, and this is amazing.
What is the Spanish voice over market like? What innovations can VoiceProductions bring?
The Spanish voiceover market is solid and strong, with a lot of experience overall when talking about dubbing in studios. And we have a tradition of very good voiceover actors with amazing sound. The only thing is that voice overs working online is a new market and isn’t as organized as the standard studio market. We need platforms like VoiceProductions and to band together as voice overs to make the industry as strong as the face-to-face voiceover industry.
Does something similar like VoiceProductions exist in Spain?
There are two or three Spanish platforms. So they’re around but not as big as VoiceProductions.

What are the differences between VoiceProductions and other websites in Spain. 
VoiceProductions is international, we help clients from all over the world. The communication between customers, voice overs and managers is straightforward and clear. And the website is very comfortable to navigate and easy to work with. This goes for both voice overs and clients. 
What is your dream of doing as a voiceover? 
I would like to do more ad campaigns on TV and do dubbing in a film.

What do you find most important as a project manager for Voiceproductions?
I think is very important to be close with client and voice over and quick in the communication. That will make the biggest difference. To feel that someone is with you and make the experience more comfortable. This way clients will always come back, because they work with a person not a machine. And is important to be part of a quality platform of voice overs with a lot of talented voice overs that know what they’re doing.