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Commercial, corporate & e-learning, why is there a difference in price?

How does a voice-over set his rates?

Choosing the right voice-over for your project is perhaps the easiest thing you can do and booking that voice-over at VoiceProductions is a sure thing. But what is the difference between corporate, commercial and e-learning? And where does the difference in price come from? The prices at VoiceProductions are always clear and transparent, no hidden costs, so no surprises at the end. However, there is a price difference depending on the category you choose in the menu. 


A commercial is an advertisement used on television, radio or social media. You certainly know them, those professional videos or radio commercials that make you think: "how do they do it". A professional voice-over makes the difference. The voice provides reliability and authenticity. The right voice-over for commercials ensures that the advertisement does what it wants to do: To get people interested in your product or brand.

The voice-over for a commercial is often recorded on location in a large studio, but this can also be done from home by means of a dial-up session.  

A corporate video is a company film that is not actively advertised. It is an explainer video where you want to give a service, company or product a little more clarity. Here too, the right voice-over for your corporate video can work wonders. A video about medical procedures needs a voice that radiates calm and authority, a corporate video about new study programmes at a university needs to sound young and fresh. Corporate videos are often a bit cheaper and can be delivered within 24 hours. This way, your corporate films and animations will sound perfect in no time.   

An e-learning is a large assignment to offer a learning module to new employees or to teach new modules to existing employees. They are often assignments of more than 3,000 words and can easily be put on an animation or presentation. E-learnings are great projects for a voice-over because they can be read and delivered quickly. They are generally cheaper per word, because in this case it is a bulk assignment.  


The price at VoiceProductions is determined by the number of people that will see the video, but also the number of words. A radio, TV or internet commercial is watched more than a corporate video. That corporate video is also not actively used to advertise with, so the voice-over is cheaper.   

An e-learning also has a very limited audience, so it usually costs less. Here again, the price becomes interesting because of the large number of words in an e-learning project.  This is how you find the perfect voice over for your e-learning >

One thing is for sure, at VoiceProductions we are always transparent about the price and you can see it for yourself when ordering a voice over via our platform.   

So now you know the difference between commercial, corporate and e-learning voice-over and you understand the difference in price. Still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.  

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