Why a Professional Voice-Over is Essential for Effective E-Learning

Would you like to add a voice-over to your e-learning project? VoiceProductions is the go-to company. E-learning has become a fixture in learning and development environments.

Over the past years, many professionals and students have become familiar with an online learning environment. And online learning will only increase in the years to come. Stand out amongst your competitors and have your e-learning courses recorded by a professional voice-over.

Investing in a voice-over for your e-learning projects absolutely pays off. A good voice-over lifts your e-training to a higher level. The right voice makes it so much easier for your audience to process the material and, thus, helps them remember the information that is given. People soon get bored or, even worse, get annoyed, lose their interest and quit the course if the voice-over doesn't sound right with your e-learning modules. That is why a good voice-over can make or break an effective e-learning programme. VoiceProductions helps you find the ideal voice-over actor for e-learnings who will record your material at the right tone of voice.

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Go through our portfolio of voice-overs to find the perfect voice for your e-learning projects. Guaranteed.

Why use a voice-over to enhance your e-learning?

E-learning is used for many different media and in all kinds of forms. But whatever medium you are using, a voice-over will make your e-learning environment a lot more personal. Listening to the content of your e-learning courses is much easier and more pleasant when they are recorded by the right voice. It certainly helps with processing and remembering the content and information.

This is why you need a voice-over for your e-learning projects:

●    Even though teaching methods have changed, the way people process information and learn has not. Whether learning material is offered in a classroom setting or online, people still learn best when other people are involved. The reason for this has to do with the so-called mirror neurons: the embedded mechanism that makes people copy what other people do or say. We can process and memorise information much better when these neurons are triggered. It is also exactly why a good teacher makes all the difference between an informative, educational lesson or a boring one. The same goes for the voice-overs used with e-learning. Recording a voice-over will make or break an e-learning course.

●    A voice-over helps reduce the cognitive load. The cognitive load increases when people need to read something while they also have to watch moving images. It makes the learning process less effective. Using a voice-over instead of written text supports the learning process.

●    A voice-over helps people remember information as an e-learning environment that includes a voice-over ensures that the information is processed by multiple senses. And when multiple senses are triggered, the information is much easier stored and retained. People remember more information when they hear and see it simultaneously. We tend to forget information much faster when we only listen or read.

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According to Edgar Dale (who developed the Pyramid of Learning), we remember:
●    10% of what we read
●    20% of what we hear
●    30% of what we see
●    50% of what we hear and see
●    70% of what we discuss with others
●    80% of what we evaluate and discuss with others
●    90% of what we explain to others

learning pyramid Edgar Dale

Edgar Dale's Pyramid of Learning

Finding the perfect voice-over

In an e-learning environment, the voice-over assumes the role of trainer or coach who guides the participants through the e-learning modules. That is why it is paramount that your e-learning participants feel comfortable and a ‘click’ when they listen to the voice-over. So before you start, consider carefully who your target audience is. The professional voice-overs of VoiceProductions know exactly how to ‘tune in’ their voice to your target audience.

Are you not sure which type of voice-over would be best for your e-learning project? Discover our complete guide for marketers on finding the right voice over for your E-learning here. Or contact us for a free demo!

VoiceProductions has a broad portfolio of professional voice-overs for all types of e-learning courses – for in-company training, school programmes, online learning environments, videos on social media channels, animations, quizzes, etc. Whatever you need! Are you not entirely sure what type of voice would be most suitable for your target audience? Like whether you should go for a male or female voice? We will be happy to offer our advice.

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Are you looking for a voice-over for e-learning? VoiceProductions is the go-to company.

What are the benefits of e-learning?

●    Flexible learning: E-learning courses are available whenever and wherever you are. E-learning participants can choose where they learn, when they learn, and for how long they learn.

●    Saving time: Compared to learning in a traditional classroom environment, e-learning can take 40 to 60% less time as the participants are not hampered by the needs or questions of others. Another time-saving aspect is that people don’t have to travel.

●    Saving funds: Classroom environments require physical space. Organisations or institutions can save on rental costs by offering e-learning courses. Besides that, there are no travel costs involved for anyone.

Why go for a voice-over provided by VoiceProductions?

VoiceProductions is all about quality, speed, and a personal approach. Why go for an e-learning voice-over provided by VoiceProductions:

●    Professional recordings: Our voice-overs are selected after professional castings. The VoiceProductions voice actors are all highly experienced and work from a professional home studio or on location.

●    Competitive pricing: Our voice actors have their own studio where they record the voice-overs, so clients don’t have to pay a rental fee for a studio.

●    Free sample recording: Do you find it hard to choose between the voices we can offer? Request a non-committal demo and be sure to find the perfect voice for your project.

●    Free retake: Are you not happy with the recording? VoiceProductions offers a free retake if the voice actor has made a mistake or if the tone of voice doesn't meet the briefing.

●    One-stop shop: Do you want to add subtitles to your e-learning? Or a musical underscore? Then VoiceProductions is the partner for you as we are a one-stop shop. Let one of our professional voice-over editors edit your audio files. We are also happy to organise the casting, the translation, and the recording session of your voice-over.

●    Transparency: After filling in all the details, you can instantly see the total price of your e-learning voice-over on the voice actor's profile page. There are no hidden or additional costs.

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning courses have become indispensable.

Today, in 2023, we can’t imagine working without e-learning environments. The number of companies and organisations responding to this development is growing rapidly. With a professional voice-over provided by VoiceProductions, you can distinguish yourself from other e-learning providers. Would you like to know how VoiceProductions can enhance your e-learning courses? Click here to contact us. No less than 95% of all questions are answered within 10 minutes. We even deliver voice-overs within 24 hours.