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How to Choose the Right Voiceover Artist for Your Commercial

Selecting the perfect voice over for commercials is a difficult task. To create an effective commercial there are certain elements you need to understand.

In this article you will find the most important factors you need to consider creating a commercial that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Voice-over artists, or voice actors, are the hidden faces behind commercials, video games, corporate videos, audiobooks, and e-learning courses. To find out more about the determining factors that best present your brand's voice, keep reading!

What's important?

  • When you produce a commercial, it is critical to focus on the credibility of your message. Make sure the message you are trying to convey aligns with your brand. Imagine your target audience when selecting a commercial voice actor. A good voice actor will exude confidence and display your capabilities.

  • In commercials, emotions are conveyed by image and sound. Consider your demographic and base the message of your commercial on their necessities. A professional voice actor creates a strong emotional connection between your audience and the brand. Emotion drives sales!

  • Improve your marketing strategy. A commercial shouldn't be boring. Neither should be the voice. Consider making a memorable tagline or jingle. Captivate your audience within the first 3 seconds. The human voice is a powerful tool. Take advantage!

  • There are different voice over styles. The most sought after are: conversational, deep, serious and upbeat. Each style has its perks, you need to make sure you select a style that resonates with your message.

  • Listen to samples! Reviewing samples gives you an indication of the voice actor's expertise and skill. Make sure to listen for diction, emotional range, rhythm, and speech adaptation and technical skills. Listen to multiple samples of each commercial voice over artist, not just one. This way you are sure your commercial voice actor is a perfect match.

  • Hiring a voice actor isn't free. There are plenty of options depending on your budget. You could use freelance platforms, local talent, voice over agencies or even a celebrity. Want the best of both worlds? Use VoiceProductions. Top-tier voice actors for the best price!

The Importance of Finding the Right Voice Over For Commercials

Up to 75% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand once they watch online ads. Hence, professional voice actors are a must for this strategy to succeed. Their role in TV and radio commercials can make or break a commercial.

Below, we'll discuss the significance of a human voice in online and TV commercials.

Adding Credibility

Finding the perfect commercial voice over artist for the job adds massive credibility to the brand's story. Brands need an actor's voice to match with the commercial. Decide what kind of message you want to convey. Is a powerful and mature voice suitable for your product or service? Or would you be better off using an actor with a warm and inviting tone of voice?

You intend to create a commercial that appeals to your intended audience. Imagine what this audience would sound like, or even better, what they would like to hear. Focus on aspects in the commercial that make you more trustworthy. For example, emphasize on how you strive to make the customer's experience as enjoyable as possible. Furthermore, look at what people are saying about your brand. Focus on the positive, and use this!

Don't make any promises you can't keep, and be unique. Selecting a voice actor that you could use for multiple commercials can help you increase your brands' awareness. People will associate that voice with your brand.

A good voice actor will exude confidence and display the capability you have as a brand. Not only helps this with the overall credibility, you also build engagement with your audience!

Forming An Emotional Connection With The Target Audience

In commercials, emotions are conveyed by image and sound. A great voice actor can put so much more weight on the message of your commercial. By emphasizing specific words or how a certain sentence is delivered can change the perception of your audience drastically. A great voice actor creates a strong emotional connection between the audience and your brand.

When selecting a voice over for a commercial, you need to consider your demographics. What would they like to hear? Always make sure to remain honest and authentic. Don't copy other successful brands. Be yourself! Imagine your commercial is a story. Tell this story in a way that resonates with your target demographic.

You can achieve much better results by listening to your customers. Ask them what they want. Whenever you address this group in your commercial, speak to them directly. This will only increase the connection you are trying to build.

Emotion drives sales, and therefore, you should focus on hiring a unique voice that awakens a certain feeling within your target audience.

Improving Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to advertising, a large part of traffic on the internet comes from videos. The evident increase in traffic has accelerated the demand for voice-over artists. However, it is important that you decide on what kind of commercial you wish to create.

A commercial shouldn't be boring. Therefore, neither should be the voice. Let the voice actor work on a memorable tagline or jingle. Try to break the pattern, as this only makes you stand out more. A highly skilled voice actor with plenty of experience might be able to help with this process. When consulted, they might be able to give you some awesome ideas.

The voice actor you select needs to be able to captivate your intended audience within the first 3 seconds of the commercial. Come up with creative ways to accomplish this goal.

The human voice is a powerful tool when applied correctly. So, take advantage of this!

Voice Quality and Style: Making Your Voice Presence Stronger

Creating an engaging and memorable commercial is a great way for you to promote your brand. Selecting the right voice-over artist is a crucial part of this process. There are a few things to consider: the different styles, how to evaluate a voice actor's quality and range, and how important it is to use samples.

Different Voice-over Styles

Convey your vision in the best way possible and pair it with the perfect voice-over style. Here are some of the most sought-after:


A conversational style creates a familiar and relatable feeling with your audience. You want to create the illusion that your audience is having a one-on-one conversation with the voice actor. This style is effective when your aim is to connect with your customers on a personal level. Ideal for the service industry or family-owned businesses.


A deep and resonant voice can lend authority and a flair of gravitas to your commercial. This style is perfect for brands which look to establish trust or portray expertise. Examples are financial institutions, law firms and luxury brands.

This style also thrives when you want to create something “epic”. Think about action packed video game commercials or movie trailers.


A serious style lends itself to commercials which require a sense of urgency or something specific. When your commercial deals with sensitive topics, public service announcements, or a strong call-to-action is required, this style is ideal.


An upbeat and energetic voice can instantly capture your audience's attention and set a positive tone. This style works great for businesses which are oriented towards retail, entertainment, and lifestyle. You use this when you want to convey enthusiasm and excitement!

Voice Actors' Professionalism and Expertise

To create an awesome commercial, you need to make sure that the voice actor you intend to use has the experience and capabilities to deliver the result you envision. Here are a few things you need to consider:

Listen to samples

Reviewing samples is a crucial step when selecting a voiceover artist. They give you a snippet of the voice actor's capabilities.

Listening to different samples helps you assess the voice actor's versatility. Pay attention to how they handle different styles, accents, and emotions. Samples also give you an indication of the compatibility between the voice actor and your commercial. It makes it easier for you to decide if this actor is the “brand voice” you're looking for. Furthermore, a sample can be a great indicator of the production quality.

If you decide to use a platform like VoiceProductions, listening to samples has never been easier. The voice actor's entire portfolio is listed, and you can listen to samples for free. Browse through their vast database and find the perfect match for your commercial. Always listen to multiple samples of each commercial voice actor to make sure you hear their different styles.

Perfect Diction

Whether it's a local radio commercial or selling luxury products: voice actors should be able to give clear and precise instructions regarding the product or service. This means that the first characteristic of a perfect voice is diction.

Diction is directly connected to correct pronunciation, clarity of your delivery, and articulation of words. Acting classes can significantly help with expressiveness.

Voice Intensity and Tone Modulation (emotional range)

The next characteristic to look for when searching for the best voice-overs for commercials is voice intensity and tone modulation. A professional voice actor can successfully modulate their tone and personality to match the brand's picture and connect to the target market.

The perfect voice actor can captivate the listener by telling a story in an interesting way.

The voice actor needs to be able to express a wide range of emotions. Consider if they are able to convey emotions such as happiness, sadness, or excitement; in a manner which suits with your needs.

Rhythm and Speech Adaption

Artists who record for commercials should be able to adapt the rhythm of their speech. In commercial voice acting, this is considered crucial for different speech recordings. Their speaking tempo must match the recording perfectly.

Technical skills

Listen for clarity, enunciation and pacing. Does everything sound right when it's edited and delivered to you? Also pay attention to what kind of file is used by the voice actor. In an ideal world, you work this out with the voice actor before he or she starts recording. This will prevent many problems down the road.

What do you need to discuss with your voice over before starting the recording?

  • What deadline are you working with?

  • What is the exact usage of the commercial? What area will it be used in and for how long?

  • What kind of tone do you want the voice over to use? A specific one from a demo, or tailored to your project?

  • Do you need to dial in during the recording to give live directions?

  • How fast should the recording go? Do you have to fit the recording within a certain timeframe?

  • What is the feeling of your brand? Do you need an uplifting and inspiring voice, or rather personal and intimate?

  • Does the recording need to match certain images on a video? Does the recording need to be lip synched?

Choosing a Voice Actor That Fits Your Budget

You need to balance various elements when producing a commercial. Quality, creativity, and your budget are all things which need to be considered. While it is important tot select a voice actor that aligns with your brand and message, the financial aspect of your project should not be forgotten.

There are various options to consider when looking for a voice actor. If you are on a tight budget:

Use freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. They offer a vast pool of voice actors at various price points. Set a budget and send proposals to find a suitable voice actor. The downside of these platforms is that quality is not guaranteed or AI voices are used.

The same goes for local talent. Of course it would be nice to create a commercial with talent from your local community. Is this viable though? Probably not. You want to use a professional voice actor to get the best results.

If you have a bit more to spend, you can get in touch with voiceover agencies like Voiceproductions. These agencies represent professional voice actors. They help you find a suitable match and even help with scripts, editing and mixing.

And if budget is not a problem, hiring a celebrity talent might be a great way to increase awareness. Talent agents can help you secure famous voices. This option does come with a hefty price tag!

Top-tier voiceover agencies like VoiceProductions can set you up with high-profile voice actors. These actors have extensive experience in the industry and guarantee results. However, these actors don't come cheap.

Do you want the best of both worlds?

VoiceProductions offers top-tier voice actors for great prices. We have a vast database of amazing talent! When browsing through our database, you can look at the actors' portfolios and listen to samples, free of charge of course. Wondering how much your commercial is going to cost? VoiceProductions has a transparent pricing system which allows you to calculate the costs of the entire project on the website. Quality, speed and a personal approach. That is VoiceProductions.

Wrapping Up

Creating a compelling commercial involves a careful balance of elements. The ideal voiceover being a quintessential part. You need a great voice over artist to convey your brand's message. By understanding the difference in voice over styles, you can identify the tone that best resonates with your intended audience. Evaluating voice actors' skills by listening to samples makes it possible for you to ensure a performance is delivered that matches your expectations.

Consider your budget when selecting the perfect voice actor. Whether you have a low, mid-range or high budget, there is always an option available. Explore platforms, websites, talent agencies and even your local high school to find the perfect voice actor for your project.

You have all the information you need to confidently select a voice over actor that elevates your commercial to the next level. So, get out there! Create something that leaves a lasting impression on your audience!

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