Why invest in a professional telephone voice?

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Easily have hold messages and selection menus recorded

IVR is the abbreviation for Interactive Voice Response, they are used for your call waiting messages, answering machine, selection menus and other telephone messages. It is the first voice a customer often hears when they contact your company. That first impression is of immeasurable value and can often never be recovered.

IVR phone messages

Imagine if a prospective or current customer called your company and was told that no one was available, or worse still, just got an unconnected line. The good news is that such a situation can be easily avoided thanks to VoiceProductions. You can have your answering machine and IVR messages read by your favourite professional voice-over. This way your company will sound even more professional and there will always be someone at the other end of the line, day and night

A professional IVR message does not have to sound boring either, a fresh voice can welcome your contacts and forward them to the right person, give information or refer to your website. With adapted music and the right editing, a phone call will be even more pleasant. The handy thing about a personalised IVR message is that you can give your customers concrete information even when you are closed or on holiday.

At VoiceProductions we can help you with this quickly and easily. We have the best voice-actors for IVR and telephone ready to record your personalised IVR messages. We are known for our super fast delivery and personal approach, and can offer you many extras such as editing and mastering the recording of your favourite voice as well as providing royalty free hold music. A total package for all your IVR messages, fast and surprisingly cheap. At VoiceProductions we can deliver these IVR messages cheaper, thanks to our efficient working method. We answer 90% of all messages within 10 minutes. Another advantage is that you can keep updating your messages in order to respond to important events or changes in your company.

We are a one-stop-shop for your on-hold messages and have the best voice-actors and -actresses ready to work on them. From €99.95 you can welcome your customers in a professional and personal way.

Curious about which voices we have ready for you? Take a look at the list of our professional voice talents here.