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How much does a voice-over cost?

How much does a voice-over cost? We hope that this article will answer that question.

We are VoiceProductions, the go-to company for a professional voice-over and everything you want to know about this topic. We have been providing professional voice-over voices and texts for both big and small companies since 2017.

Are you curious to know how much a professional voice actor would cost you? This article will tell you more about why we have different rates for our voice-over voices or and how they are determined.

All our professional voice actors are carefully selected and work from their own professional home studio. And the latter aspect is already to your financial benefit as we don’t need to hire expensive studio space and technicians.

Factors that determine the voice-over recording rates

VoiceProductions maintains fixed low rates. The rates listed on our website are clear and transparent, without hidden expenses and no unexpected surplus costs.

You can easily calculate the overall price online for voice acting. Just choose the medium on which the voice-over will be listened to and add the number of words. The total recording price you see is exactly that.

There are certain aspects that can affect the costs of a voice-over. The following factors are the main determinants for our voice-over rates:

  • The medium on which the voice-over will be used. A TV commercial will be seen by a lot more people than a standard internet clip that doesn’t include an advertising budget. IVR voice talent prices (prices for Interactive Voice Response) have different costs than radio and television announcers.
  • The familiarity of the voice you wish to use. A well-known voice is generally more expensive.
  • The word count. VoiceProductions doesn't work with hourly rates. Our prices are based on the length of the voice-over text. The longer the text, the higher the rate.
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Different media, different rates

As said, the voice-over rates also depend on the medium you wish to use. VoiceProductions offers voice-overs for a broad range of media and industries, such as corporate videos, commercials, e-learning, and telephony. We provide museums with complete audio guides. We can supply voice-over voices in more than 35 languages and every language is available for all types of productions.  

Do you want to outsource your voice-over production? Then you have come to the right place, as VoiceProductions is a one-stop shop. We handle the voice production from start to finish. We are happy to handle the casting, the translation, the recording session, and the editing of your voice-over.

  • Corporate video (company film): A web video that doesn’t include an advertising budget will cost around a few hundred dollars (200 to 300 euros on average) for a text of no more than 250 words. Voice actors can quite easily read and record corporate videos in their own home studio, so you don’t have to pay for transportation costs or additional technicians. Most of the voices in VoiceProductions’ portfolio can be delivered within 24 hours!
  • Commercials: Do you want a voice-over as part of a commercial? The rates for TV, radio and internet commercials are available at request. In this case, the production costs will be higher with a larger audience. This means that a commercial on a regional TV channel will be less expensive than a commercial on national TV. The rates for commercials are always first discussed with the person whose voice will be used.
  • E-learning: E-learning courses generally consist of long texts. One module can easily have a word count of over 2000. Because of these higher volumes, we offer a reduced rate per word for e-learning courses. 
  • Telephony: VoiceProductions can provide IVR messages at a very competitive rate. IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. We deliver your on-hold messages, voicemail messages, and options menu within 1 day. You can welcome your clients or customers professionally and personally from €99.95.
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Why go for a voice-over voice from VoiceProductions?

VoiceProductions is all about quality, speed, and a personal approach. That is why you go for professional voice talent from VoiceProductions.

  • Professional voice-overs: All our voice actors go through a rigorous selection process. We only offer the highest quality voices. Our voice actors also have their own top-range recording equipment. And naturally, all voice actors have a variety of demos that you can listen to on their profiles.
  • No studio costs: Our voice actors have their own studio where they record the voice-overs, so there are no rental costs involved. While other voice-over agencies will charge studio costs, VoiceProductions has no need to do that, which significantly lowers the costs for you.
  • Service from A to Z: Do you need help with the editing of your voice-over? Our technicians and audio editors can help you with the editing of a voice-over. They will make sure that the result sounds nothing less than perfect. Click here for more information about our editing service. Do you need our help with writing a great voice-over text? VoiceProductions works with professional copywriters. Together, we can help you with writing great texts for your target audience. Please get in touch if you need our help with your voice-over text. Click here to find our contact form.
  • Free retake: Are you not happy with the voice-over? VoiceProductions offers a free retake in case the voice actor has made a mistake or if the tone of voice doesn’t meet the briefing. Please contact us or send the voice actor a message via the chat box on the project page.
  • Quick response: 95% of the questions are answered within 10 minutes.
  • Quick delivery: You will be in direct contact with the voice actor as soon as your order has been placed. Our voice actors guarantee a quick and professional delivery. Some voice actors can even deliver within 4 to 12 hours! Most voice actors can deliver within 24 hours. You can see the delivery time on the voice actor's profile page.
  • Transparency: After filling in all the details, you will instantly see the total price on the voice actor's profile page. There are no hidden or additional costs.
  • Flexibility: do you need a recording urgently? Or do you have a question outside office hours? Just send us an email. We can even assist you later in the evening.

Your professional voice-over within 24 hours

You will have your recordings within 24 hours. We have voice actors for nearly all languages and you can hire a voice actor for nearly all types of productions:

  • Corporate videos (company films, instruction videos);
  • Commercials (TV, radio and online commercials);
  • E-learning;
  • Telephony (welcome message, on-hold message, voicemail).

Do you want to have a voice-over recorded? VoiceProductions offers very competitive voice talent rates. Our voice actors can deliver within 24 hours and they work from their own professional studios. Are you curious to know which voices we have lined up for you? Then click here to see the entire list of our professional voice-overs.

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