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Voice casting – how does it work?

When you choose to include a voice-over in your video, you also link your brand or organisation to a certain voice.

The viewer or listener will associate your brand with the quality of the voice, so choosing the right voice is just as crucial as, for instance, choosing the right logo. Knowing this, you want the best voice for your voice-over and you need to be absolutely sure that you are working with an experienced and professional voice actor.

A good voice-over starts with voice casting: the process of selecting the voices. During this voice casting, VoiceProductions selects the most appropriate voice actor for your brand. To ensure the quality and professionalism of the voice-over, the selection criteria for the voice actor are strict. This article explains how VoiceProduction goes about the voice casting process. 

What are the key qualities of a voice actor? And on what aspects is a voice actor selected? Continue reading to find the answers to these questions.

voice casting

The key qualities of a voice actor

Having a good voice and being a good voice actor are two different things. A candidate needs to have certain qualities and skills to become a good voice actor. VoiceProductions only works with experienced voice actors. During a voice casting, our considerations are based on how and where we can use a voice-over. Such qualities and skills include:

•    Clarity: does the actor have a clear voice?

•    Diversity: can the voice actor speak in different pitches, tones and tempos?

•    Identification: is the voice actor able to identify with the target audience?

•    Articulation: is the voice actor's manner of speaking easy to understand and articulate?

Let VoiceProductions take care of your voice-over from A to Z

As we are constantly seeking top-quality voices, VoiceProductions offers a broad portfolio of voice-overs and voice actors who can be used for a wide range of productions. If you are looking for a voice-over, then VoiceProductions is the go-to voice over agency.

VoiceProductions is a one-stop shop. We know that a good voice-over requires a lot more than just a voice recording. A successful voice-over not only has an impactful voice but also conveys a powerful message. VoiceProductions also collaborates with professional copywriters. If necessary, we gladly help you write the best script for your video. If you are curious to know what a good voice-over script looks like, then click here to read our tips about writing a good voice-over script.

casting voice over

Do you have no or limited experience in voice-over editing? Do disturbing noises interfere with the quality of your voice-over? Our editors are here to help you with the post-production process of your audio file. We make sure that your audio sounds perfect so your audience can totally focus on what truly matters: the message that you want to convey with your video – without any interfering background noises. 

Why go for a voice-over by VoiceProductions

 •   Professional voice-overs: VoiceProductions only works with experienced voice actors and only offers top-quality voices.
•    Flexibility: do you need a voice-over urgently? No problem, we can even assist you later in the evening.
•    No studio costs: with a voice-over from VoiceProductions, you will not be paying any studio rental costs, as our voice actors have their own voice-over studio.
•    One-stop shop: we handle the voice-over production from start to finish. We are happy to organise the casting, the translation, the recording session, and the editing of your voice-over.
•    Free retake: Are you not happy with the voice-over? VoiceProductions offers a free retake in case the voice actor has made a mistake or if the tone of voice doesn't meet the briefing.
•    Quick services: 95% of the questions are answered within 10 minutes. Our voice actors guarantee a professional and super-fast delivery. Some voice actors can even deliver within 4 to 12 hours! Most voice actors can deliver within 24 hours.
As a voice-over agency, VoiceProductions guarantees that you will be working with the best voices and the most professional voice actors. VoiceProductions is all about quality, speed, and a personal approach.

Would you like to know more about voice casting, voice-overs, or are you looking for a beautiful voice provided by a foreign or an English voice actor? Then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Becoming a voice-over for VoiceProductions

Are you an experienced voice actor and do you want to join VoiceProductions as one of our strong voices? You can register via this page if you want to work as a voice-over for VoiceProductions. We require you to include the following:

•    Multiple audio clips that you have provided for different clients.

•    A detailed description of the recording equipment you use for your recordings.

•    At least three references. VoiceProductions only works with experienced voice actors, so having a good portfolio is essential!

Any questions?

Just send us an e-mail. We´ll help you within a few minutes.

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