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About Kazuyo

Kazuyo is a native Japanese voice-over artist based in Tokushima, Japan with home recording.
Her voice is conversational, energetic and friendly, suitable for E-learning, Web-commercials, Internet video, Audiobooks and also Audioguide.

She has done voice over:
*Audiobook (Japanese 30 stories for Japanese language learner, Meditation)
*Audioguide (Mountain in Germany, Bus tour in Australia, Timescope in Paris)
*Corporate video (Airline company, Lighting company and more)
*E-learning (DELL, Hitachi, IHG hotels, Uber Eats, Medical company and more)
*Explainer Video (Lighting company, How to video, Visa and more)
*Film (Title: Trumpet)
*IVR (Visa infinite luxury hotels, Visa card, Airline company and more)
*Web Commercial (Anime & Manga Conference in UAE and Alexa)